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Health Benefits of Blood in the Diet

Health Benefits of Blood in the Diet


Ted Frater, one of our long standing customers, would like to share his compelling story: the benefits of introducing blood to the diet.

'Anyone over the age of 70 needs a full medical every 3 years for a DVLA HGV licence.
I duly presented myself at my GP's for such a check and in his wisdom thought it might be adviseable for me to have a blood check. My GP is a thorough man.

He called me in to see him a week later to say he needed some more tests as I appeared to be mildly anemic. Though in every other way I was feeling well and still did a full days work on my farm. The tests with tubes up as well as down showed nothing, and because I was well to all intents and purposes nothing more was done.

Move on some 6 yrs and 2 HGV medicals later, I commented we have not had any further checks regarding my supposed anemia, so this time he asked for all kinds of blood tests.

The results were alarming to say the least.

My haemoglobin had continued to fall and was down to 10.4 but my bone marrow imunoglobulin type A was way up. He referred me to the blood specialist in Poole and his tests confirmed that I was suffering from a mild form of myeloma. The bad news was that if it progressed the average life expectancy was 5 years. Panic stations in this household!

Now i'm one of those people that survive by my own efforts, so the first thing I asked myself was, is there anything I can do about my low haemoglobin? So I asked, 'what food has the highest level of this that I can take?' Well, it was obvious, it has to be blood, just pure haemoglobin. The next problem was, where can I get a safe and continuing supply of this locally? I talked to my butcher and asked if he could help. Now, its apparently illegal for any slaughter house to supply it, fresh from the animal. needless to say I obtained a supply and then thought, how am I going to use it?

I looked up a black pudding recipe and followed this but without any fat or cerial, made up the mix and put it in the oven to make a sort of meat loaf. It turned into a brick!! So back to the drawing board. This time I brought it to thickening temperature in a water bath cooker. when it was to hamburger consistency, I scooped out enough to make burger sized patties then coated them in oatmeal, wrapped in cling film and froze them. We cooked them in olive oil like burgers, and i ate 2 every day for a month. The next blood test was amazing!! My haemoglobin went up from 10.4 to 11.6.

The problems with obtaining fresh blood were too difficult to over come. A search on the internet led me to Tongmaster who was able to supply pigs blood from Spain, an EEC approved supply, spray dried in powder form. I have continued to use this in my burger mix, sprinkled in stews, in soups and as yet not tried it in a cup of marmite as a hot drink.

Subsequent blood test have shown no deterioration in my haemoglobin, so all that is happening now is i'm being monitored - with no treatment.

My GP took 20 mins to guess how I had done this with a bit of prompting on my part. He's very pleased and it has his blessing. He commented that my questioning was like being back in medical school!! I hope this is of some interest to others who may be suffering anemia.

Obviously the above results are applicable only to me.'

Posted by Tongmaster

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