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Tongmaster Natural Glazes are a complex blend of herbs and spices and we only ever use the finest natural ingredients which are totally free from E-Numbers, Allergens, Artificial colours, Artificial Flavours, Artificial additives and Gluten free, in fact, Nothing Artificial.
When the Glaze is dusted onto meat, fish or vegetables, it will rehydrate to form a sauce-like sticky glaze with a glossy visual appeal.
All of our glazes are blended by us and are produced daily for freshness and will come with at least one years shelf life and Vacuum packed in a food grade thermal foil pack for total freshness.


The following awards were won by our customers using our spices and seasonings.


Award winning wild lamb & rosemary burger seasoning


Award winning angus burger seasoning


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All Tongmaster trading partners are
BRC Certified.

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