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Sausages are one of the most popular foods in Britain with over 266,500 tonnes being consumed every year.

Making your own is a way of controlling what goes into the sausage. Perhaps you have a special diet such as gluten free, low fat or have allergies to certain ingredients. Sausages can be tailor made to your own specifications. Buying free range organic meat from a farmers market or butcher ensures that you have a good quality sausage.

When using spice mix always check that there are no nasties such as Mono Sodium Glutamate in the ingredients. Remember, not all E numbers are harmful. As a general guide, avoid any E numbers that are classed as artificial colourings or artificial flavourings. Our spice mixes are free from all the nasties. You will see the quality because you will see the ingredients!

Tongmaster Complete Sausage Seasoning Mix packs were developed for the sausage maker who wants more consistency and easy production in their sausage making. All you need is meat and water, all the ingredients are already combined so there is no need to add rusk.


The following awards were won by our customers using our spices and seasonings.


Award winning wild lamb & rosemary burger seasoning


Award winning angus burger seasoning


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